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Module overview

For anyone who is going to be part of shortlisting or selecting candidates, this workshop is for you! You may also want to complete Module 6 on Inspired Interviewing if you are going to be interviewing canddiates too. You will cover:

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Step by step practical advice, tools and techniques on how to manage your team. Buy a copy for every manager in your business!

The bites books

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“I enjoyed the privacy principles, Human Rights Act, what is lawful and/vs unlawful. Total workshop very informative.”

Manager, Workbridge

“Excellent alot of information we received will help when we next have to go through this process.”

Manager, BNZ

“The Recruitment Assessment, guidance on reference checking, Privacy principals and questioning techniques were all excellent and I will use when I next recruit.”

Manager, Land Information NZ

Module components

For the online and self run workshops, the module components are split into:

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Please note: All these companies ran both Module 5 and 6 together as a one day workshop. This was the feedback from the whole day.

Ways to run the module

You can purchase the module in several different ways.

  1. Purchase the self run workshop - and nominate a Workshop Lead.
  2. If you are an experienced L&D professional you can purchase the off the shelf workshop and run this as many times as you want.
  3. Get one of our accredited facilitators to come and run the workshop.

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