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Many HR and Learning Professionals have the skills and experience to run a workshop, however you may not have the time to develop the materials yourself, test them out, refine them and then finalise them.

That’s where Management Bites modules come in! You can purchase the module and receive slides, workbooks and a Facilitators guide, so that you can then run the session yourself.

Each module is 3.5 hours long and has been run with hundreds of different managers, and reviewed and refined to ensure that the workshop is effective in increasing managers knowledge and skills. In fact these are the results we’ve seen:

When you purchase a module, you receive the following:

The modules you can choose fromMe as a ManagerEssential Employment LawPerfect Performance ReviewsCore ModulesMotivation and CoachingDevelop MeProblem Solving and DecisionsManaging Poor PerformanceSuccessful SelectionInspired InterviewingEffectiveness ModulesDelicious DelegationTaming Time for TeamsMarvellous MeetingsEngagement ModulesMarvellous MentoringThe Diversity ChallengeLeading ChangeHigh Performance Teams

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Here are 3 case studies of companies who ran Management Bites.

Retail sector: After running a one day workshop on giving feedback, dealing with poor performance and coaching for higher performance, this company measured the increase in sales over the next 3 months as managers used their new skills. The sales increase on average was 12% per store. For the 16 stores involved this was an average of $20,000 per store, per month = $960,000 extra revenue over the 3 month period.

Health sector: A health sector organisation decided to measure the reduction of sick leave. Their target was to reduce this to an average of 6 days taken per year, per employee. After the Management Bites programme they achieved a reduction of an average of 3 days per employee per year. With 175 employees this saved approximately $100,800 (average salary of $50,000 = $192 per day x 3 x 175).

Public sector: A City Council and a Government Department measured:

What other results can I expect?

See Effectiveness Modules See Engagement Modules See Core Modules Read about the book Visit the SHOP We also have a number of modules  that work for those NOT in a  people management role. Successful Selection Inspired Interviewing

For people who are helping with recruitment and selection:

Marvellous Meetings

For people who will be running meetings and need to solve issues:

Problem Solving and Decisions

For people who want to get better at communicating and being a mentor:

Marvellous Mentoring