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Many HR and Learning Professionals have the skills and experience to run a workshop, however you may not have the time to develop the materials yourself, test them out, refine them and then finalise them.

That’s where Management Bites modules come in! You can purchase the module and receive slides, workbooks and a Facilitators guide, so that you can then run the session yourself.

Each module is 3.5 hours long and has been run with hundreds of different managers, and reviewed and refined to ensure that the workshop is effective in increasing managers knowledge and skills. In fact these are the results we’ve seen:

When you purchase a module, you receive the following:

A set of PowerPoint slides that you can put onto your own company template or use the Management Bites template. The slides can be customised with your own policies or procedures  or you can reference these in the appropriate case studies or discussions.  

A set of A5 workbooks so that managers attending can take notes. These are hard copy notebooks as research shows that we remember what we write down. If your company is paper free, we find that having workbooks is a novelty!

A Facilitators guide that has notes on how to present each slide and corresponding section in the notebook. These are not ‘scripts’ of what to say, but key messages of what to include so that you can add your own wording to the workshop.

The workshops you can book







The workshops that can book are all half days, so you can book a half day, or put 2 together for a full day. Please list which workshops you would like to book when you request a proposal.


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Get a Taster

Get a feel for the workshop content you can watch this short video on Clever Communications.