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Do you know how to take your team to the next level?

Many people have heard of the stages that teams go through - from forming to performing. But not much focus is put on how do you move your team forward rather than waiting for it to happen? There are tools and techniques that you can use to move your team through which are covered in Management Bites the book and the workshop. However the interesting thing is that once you get them to norming, the next step is to reach high performance. But what makes up a high performance team?

In the 1970’s Dr Meredith Belbin and his research team at Henley Management College wanted to find out what made high performance teams. They had an idea that it might be about IQ. The more intelligent the people in the team were, the better they would perform.

And so they studied different management teams and looked at personality, intelligence and behaviour. Their team with the highest IQ they called ‘the Apollo team’ and they expected them to outperform all others. They didn’t.

In fact, what they found was that the success of the team was actually about having 9 different functions in a team being covered. You needed someone who could come up with ideas, explore opportunities, keep people to time, focus on the results and a few other essentials. The teams that had these 9 roles covered - were the highest performing!

You don’t necessarily need 9 people in a team as  people can perform more than one role each - but to reach high performance you do need them all covered!

The ‘High Performance Teams’ Management Bite module takes managers through the following:

As part of the workshop, every manager completes an online assessment and gets an individualised report about what role they play in a team, and also what role their team sees them play!

Some companies also choose to run all of their teams through the online assessment so that you can see your entire company profile, or each team profile and really focus on how you can make the highest performing teams you can!

Management Bites Module #15: Building High  Performance Teams

Testimonial from Learning and Development Team Leader, Mitre10:

After having introduced our People Managers at Mitre10 to the High Performing Teams workshop in 2014, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback and a request that we roll a similar workshop out to the rest of the Support Centre teams.

Some of the feedback that we recently received:

“This was a very informative and interesting course, something I can apply outside of work as well.”

“This is very valuable, made me think about my role in the team and which other roles we need, to form a high performing team.”

“Wow, it can be used at home as well, with my family. So interesting.”

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