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Step by step practical advice, tools and techniques on how to manage your team. Buy a copy for every manager in your business!

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Module components

For the online and self run workshops, the module components are split into:

“I thought this would be the usual time management workshop but it was so much better. I loved learning my style and have some great new ideas to use.”

Manager, Landcare Research

“I enjoyed the practical application of content covered and how it relates to my role.”

Manager, Palmerston North City Council

Delegating seems easy but it often goes wrong. Now I know how to do it so it works.”

Manager, Lanzatech

Module Overview

The module covers the following:

Are you always stretched for time??

Do you find that you always have too much to do and not enough time? Or your team are complaining about this too?

You can’t add more hours into the day, but you can be clever about how you use the time you have. What most time management training doesn’t take into account is your personality style - and using the strengths in your style to find ways to manage time better. This workshop focuses on understanding that - and then what tools and techniques can help you tame time for yourself and your team.

 Those attending have said it’s been the most useful training they’ve ever done. So if you want to tame time, what are you waiting for?

Purchase a Module

Ways to run the module

You can purchase the module in several different ways.

  1. Purchase the self run workshop - and nominate a Workshop Lead.
  2. If you are an experienced L&D professional you can purchase the off the shelf workshop and run this as many times as you want.
  3. Get one of our accredited facilitators to come and run the workshop.

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