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Why not try our online Management Map? We ask managers to rate whether they would find each topic useful or not and where they have had training or not. We find that this approach works much better than asking managers to rate their skills, as they can be reluctant to say which areas they are not good at. By asking what they would find most useful, or somewhat useful – they can feel more comfortable providing feedback.

We then combine this into an organisational report for you so you can see where the areas are that could be useful to provide training (and obviously we would love if you looked at Management Bites for this!).  We also provide each manager with a map to show where they said they’ve already been trained, and where training would be useful.

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Facilitated Workshop

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Whether you want to run a half day workshop, or put several modules together into a 1 or 2 day programme, our Global Accredited Facilitators can come and deliver this for you.

All have significant experience in designing and delivering management workshops and programmes.  They are able to adapt to any audience, and embody the philosophy of the management bites programme – training that is practical, useful and fun.

Self-Run Workshop

Want a facilitated workshop but without the cost of having someone externally come in to run it? Try a self-run workshop instead! These are designed for anyone to be able to ‘lead’ the workshop.

The Workshop ‘Lead’ has access to a special online module which has videos to play during the workshop, and then guidelines on how to run a discussion following the video. They also have some special training sections run by Angela Atkins to prepare them to lead the workshop.

This also helps build training and facilitation skills for the Workshop ‘Lead’. An extremely cost effective solution at NZ$95/ GBP£45 per person for a workshop so you can run it for just a few managers or for many! The price includes:

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Off the Shelf Workshop

Do you have experience facilitating or running training workshops, but not the time to develop the materials yourself, test them out, refine them and then finalise them? Our off the shelf workshop may be the solution for you!

With each workshop you get:

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Management Bites modules

Management Bites is the perfect book for anyone in a role that manages people or if you’re preparing to step into people management. It has chapters on:

It’s packed with real life stories relating to each topic. Rather than being a text book - it’s down to earth and talks about real life. First published by HarperCollins in 2009, Management Bites became a New Zealand best seller, and the second edition was published in 2015. The UK Edition was released in 2018.

Employment Bites is a how to guide for anyone who works in HR.  Rather than a text book, you’ll find real examples of how to apply HR in the real world, with practical suggestions, tools and techniques.

First published in New Zealand in 2010 by HarperCollins, Employment Bites became a best seller. The UK edition was launched in 2017 and in 2019 the global edition, renamed HR Bites will be released.

It covers topics like HR planning, recruitment, performance review systems, HR Analytics, wellness programmes, disciplinary issues and much more.

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Help! I’m responsible for presenting seminars or designing training…what do I do next? Training Bites covers every aspect of running presentations and training including:

• How adults learn           • Doing a training needs analysis

• Running great presentations or seminars (including the slides!)

• Designing e-learning     • Developing and facilitating workshops

• Organising conferences        • Writing L&D strategic plans & more…

Training Bites is for anyone who has to present at meetings or seminars, run training or is responsible for L&D programmes.

The Book Shelf

Here you can purchase Management Bites modules or books.

Just scroll down to find the product you want.

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Management Map

Not sure which areas your managers need training in?

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