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Management  Bites Module #3:  Perfect  Performance Reviews

Can you make performance reviews engaging and valued by your team?

You’ve probably seen or read at least one article about the performance review being dead. About how people find them de motivating and disengaging and that companies are throwing them out.  What these articles don’t always make clear is that it’s only one type of performance review that doesn’t work.

The once a year review when it’s the only time that employees get feedback.

Of course that type of review doesn’t work. Imagine playing the piano for a year to be told at the end that you haven’t played enough sonnets, or made mistakes in your playing in the first 6 months. No bonus for you and no chance for you to fix it because it happened in the past.

In fact even companies like Google still use the end of year review to calculate pay increases or bonuses. BUT this shouldn’t mean that performance is ONLY discussed at that point. And that’s what needs to die. The annual performance review when employees hear for the first time how they did all year.  This needs to stop.

But there are ways to make performance reviews work, so they are engaging, useful and a process people value. Here’s what the more progressive companies are doing to transform the process:

Annual performance reviews should be thrown out, but discussing performance should not!

“I found the whole workshop interesting”.

“Brings together some tools I know, but from a slightly different angle. Helps to clarify how to choose tools effectively”.

“How to tailor your reviews”.

Companies who have run this module include:

What attendees said they found useful:

“Tools for creating a better environment around reviews and don’t forget feedback!”

“Given other discussion tools to be tried when I get one of those ‘too hard’ discussions regarding performance”.

Performance Performance Reviews:

Workshop Content

For managers who need to complete perfor­mance reviews, this workshop covers how to avoid the traps and make review conversations engaging. You will cover:

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