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Different options to take

We can deliver 2 modules as a one day workshop or 4 workshops as a two day workshop. These can be used in a variety of ways:

The modules you can choose from

You may have a group of managers that you want to put through a 2 day programme so that they all learn the same management techniques. This can work well if it’s logistically difficult to bring everyone together.


Because there is a lot to learn from 4 modules, having managers attend one day, then go back to work and try out their new skills, then attend a second day a month or two later can help cement learning.


You can also run the 4 modules over 2 days and have different sets of managers attend each workshop. Where this happens, the first workshop runs from 8.30am - 12.15pm and the second from 1.15pm -  5pm. Alternatively you could run 1 day workshops that managers could attend.

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Here are 3 case studies of companies who ran Management Bites.

Retail sector: After running a one day workshop on giving feedback, dealing with poor performance and coaching for higher performance, this company measured the increase in sales over the next 3 months as managers used their new skills. The sales increase on average was 12% per store. For the 16 stores involved this was an average of $20,000 per store, per month = $960,000 extra revenue over the 3 month period.

Health sector: A health sector organisation decided to measure the reduction of sick leave. Their target was to reduce this to an average of 6 days taken per year, per employee. After the Management Bites programme they achieved a reduction of an average of 3 days per employee per year. With 175 employees this saved approximately $100,800 (average salary of $50,000 = $192 per day x 3 x 175).

Public sector: A City Council and a Government Department measured:

What results can I expect?