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Have you ever felt another person wasn’t really getting what you were saying? And you’d like to change that?

Have you felt uncomfortable saying no?

Are you worried about how to give someone feedback without them getting upset or angry?

If the answer is yes, this Management Bites is here to help!

This half day workshop takes parts of some of our most popular modules and focuses just on how you grow your communications skills, to stop miscommunication, give feedback and help everyone work better together! You’ll cover:

    happens and how you can avoid this is in the future

    influence getting the right outcome!

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The bites books

Step by step practical advice, tools and techniques on how to manage your team. Buy a copy for every manager in your business!

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Giving feedback – direct and indirect was useful so was having constructive conversations.”

Manager, nib NZ

“The personality styles and how to adapt to each person was excellent and gave me lots of new ideas.”

Manager, Waikato Regional Council

“Having an understanding of how people think was very useful. Going through case studies and coming up with the best solution.”

Manager, White Cross

“One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.”

Manager, Trademe

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Ways to run the module

You can purchase the module in several different ways.

  1. Purchase the self run workshop - and nominate a Workshop Lead.
  2. If you are an experienced L&D professional you can purchase the off the shelf workshop and run this as many times as you want.
  3. Get one of our accredited facilitators to come and run the workshop.

For more information just visit the shop.